Pristine was founded in 2021 by Kathryn Hewitson after a decade in the studios of some of London's most celebrated cult designers.

The Pristine world embodies vintage glamour with a punk spirit. Combining flawless fit, luxurious materials and couture inspired detailing with a whimsical colour palette and a provocative sense of humour, Pristine is about the joy of dressing up, injecting glamour and wit into the everyday.  

The brand is as multifaceted as the women who wear it - from severe tailored pieces with subversive hardware, to dreamlike silk slips trimmed with flourishes of lace, but our pieces are unified in their celebration of femininity, craft, and a desire to provoke.

We create clothes for the collector, the fashion obsessed and those that never compromise their values. The Pristine girl is confrontational but cute, sexual but sweet, she takes pride in her appearance, and uses the attention it garners her to have a positive impact on the world. Despite our tender age, we have grown a dedicated following and are stocked with some of the world’s greatest stores and worn by celebrated style icons.

Ethical decision making has always been at the heart of Pristine. For us, sustainability is not a buzzword or gimmick, but should be the default approach to doing business, constantly asking ourselves “what is the most ethical way we can create this?” While we may not shout from the rooftops about our sustainability credentials (we probably should!), we want our designs to do the talking.

This same attitude applies to everything we do as a business. We believe in the power of beautiful, glamorous clothes to uplift the wearer - too much of fashion now is ironic, ugly-on-purpose design, cut from nasty fabrics, no wonder everyone is miserable! It is the Pristine mission to create beautiful, timeless clothes, from luxurious fabrics, that feel like a dream, make the wearer feel like the best version of themselves, and not screw anyone over in the supply chain along the way. It sounds so simple, but in an era of meme clothes and flash in the pan trends, its harder than ever to find great quality pieces that still have playful design at the heart.