Grab a tape measure & check out the below before ordering. Note these are your measurements, not the garment's.

As all  pieces are made to order, I decided to be contrary and make up our own sizing system so you all have to double check your size before ordering. The last thing we want is wrong sized pieces going to waste.

Bias cut garments have several inches of give, so don't worry if you don't match the measurements exactly, pick your closest match.

Corsets are designed to have a small opening at the back. This allows flexibility with sizing and also means you can lace up tighter or looser depending on how much cleavage and/or oxygen you desire.

Custom sizing is availability for if you are outside of the size chart or have body proportions that vary substantially from the standard sizes. Also if you want an extra few inches of length on a skirt, etc.

If you select custom sizing, I will email you to gather the necessary measurements before beginning work on your order, please keep an eye out for my email. Alternatively add your measurements in the notes at checkout. (Please note work cannot begin on your order until I have your measurements & delay in providing them may result in a longer timeframe for processing your pieces.)

Some garments have a 10% surcharge for custom sizing due to the additional work involved; pieces with simpler patterns have no extra charge.

Pristine' size range will be expanding as soon as it is affordable to do so. Size grading & sampling is a costly process and due to the limited finances of a new company with no financial backing, it's unfortunately not yet possible. Sorry about this.

If you need help measuring yourself, this is a great resource.